Why Progressives Need to Become Pirates

Why Progressives Need to Become Pirates

One thing was clear in the 2016 election: The messaging from establishment Democrats failed. At least it did in large portions of Middle America (See Michigan). Plus, from my conversations, it seemed the voters who did vote for Clinton were often times voting out of a fear of Trump, not out of optimism for Clinton.

But with failure comes opportunity for change.

An Opportunity for Progressives

Now is the time for Progressives to take over the Democratic Party. And undoubtedly, success will laregly hinge on the ability to win over the Blue Collar workers they’ve lost over the decades. With the demise of the Clinton Brand, the ousting of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the evidence against a corrupt Donna Brazille, the perception of Podesta’s Wikileaks emails and the implied corruption involved, a party with no Federal power, and a president-elect that will provide ample opportunities for Progressives to act loudly and boldly, there has never been a better time for Progressives to seize control of the Democratic Party.

And “seize” is a word they should use while doing it. In fact, all of their language should become more aggressive.

Robin Hood & The Progressive Pirates

Conservatives have long utilized the cowboy, gunslinger, maverick, shoot-from-the-hip character archetype to attract votes. The Left could learn a thing or two from that.

Call me crazy, but portraying progressives as Robin Hood like characters, or pirates who are “boarding the ship of the Democratic Party” could give Progressives the optical and rhetorical edge in middle America they’ve lacked for so long.

Progressives are seizing control. they are boarding the ship, they are making corportists ‘walk the plank’. They must tell the Democratic party and make it known to the country, “I am the captain now”.

Progressive Messaging That Will Work

Progressive messaging should focus on returning the Democratic Party to the People, or freeing the Democratic Party from corporate influence.

The Progressive Democrats should present themselves as pirates boarding a ship. The establishment needs to get out of the way, join them, or be forced out. Progressives are seizing the party.

Progressive messaging should relentlessly circle back to money-in-politics. They must do this until there is nobody left that denies the fact that money influences politics.

Progressive messaging should separate the establishment Democrats from the new Progressive wing of the party. This allows for former Democrats, who have felt forgotten, to rejoin the Party under a new banner.

Progressives should give establishment Democrats an opportunity to join them, but ignore all nuance. Like the Iraq War, the decision to be progressive should be an “us vs them” decision, pitting the new Progressive Democrats against Corrupt Corporatists.

The New Democrats should never, under any circumstance, ignore systemic or racial injustices anywhere in the country. They should speak out immediately and always.

Ryan Black is a content creator, marketing professional, and political consultant who writes about Progressive Politics.

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  • yes, take no prisoners.

    If anyone says to you… “you treat me nice, I’ll treat you nice” …recognize the implied threat to your personal safety. Take out your gun and point it directly at them and state is this nice enough for ya!
    If they run shoot them in the back if they stand and face you shoot them between the eyes. If you don’t they will now come for you under cover of darkness to slit your throat.

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