Trump Messaging to Women, Maternity Leave Plan

Trump Makes Final Push for Clinton Voters with Maternity Leave Plan

Trump’s attempts at populous messaging can cause some long-lasting, and painful head-scratching. With this bizarre campaign, there’s no way of knowing which messaging decisions are meticulously planned out, and which just sort of happen.

I assume most of them just sort of happen.

Today, Trump unveiled a child-care plan that includes 6-weeks of maternity leave.

The timing is what interests me most here.

It’s curious that Trump would choose now to release his child-care plan.  I immediately wonder if the campaign is using this plan to woo potential Clinton-voters who feel shaky about voting for a candidate they perceive as sick. At no point thus far in the race has Clinton been as vulnerable as right now while recovering from pneumonia. And this is the offense the Trump Campaign chooses to dish out?

I don’t mean that sarcastically, I just want to be sure. If this is it, this might be Trump’s last chance  to win over any potential moderates with proper, well-planned messaging.

Is Trump’s campaign smart enough to come up with an idea like that? I’m not sure. Will it work if it is a plan? probably not, but I would give the campaign an A-for-Effort. Either way, It is unlikely to be effective and I doubt many definite-Clinton-voters are permanently changing their vote over a week of being sick. Please Let it only be a week.

Meanwhile, is this messaging sexist?

I’ll be looking to see if Trump pulls a “I take care of the women” angle in a masculine display of hetero-normative patriarchy as the Trumpian masses collectively imagine a ghost-white Hillary Clinton sick, dying in her bed. shiver.

As a side note, there’s good news!

Apparently, Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump was influential in the development of the policy. That means that from the right person, you can definitely convince Donald Trump of a good idea, no matter the politics of the issue. So if smart people can influence Ivanka, maybe Ivanka can influence Trump. Not a concept to look forward to, but at least it’s a tool in the tool box of a potential Trump presidency.

We’ll see how all this plays out, but the pneumonia in combination with the child-care plan will likely provide at least a tiny bump in favor of Trump within certain demographics. That’s my prediction at least. Once again though, if the bump will be permanent is dependent on how long pneumonia keeps Hillary down.




Ryan Black is a documentary filmmaker, political consultant, and digital media professional who writes about Progressive Politics.

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