Trump Lied About All His Policies & His Supporters Don’t Really Care

Trump Lied About All His Policies & His Supporters Don’t Really Care

News flash! It turns out Donald Trump lied about everything and is the conman we all thought he was. In the weeks since his victory, he’s been exposed as a complete fraud. Almost everything I heard from him and his supporters has turned out to be false. Though he is yet to take office, here is the shortlist of policy rollbacks and assumptions made by Trump voters that have turned out to be completely false.

Trump Lied About These Things

Donald Trump lied about building a giant concrete wall across the Southern Border of the United States. The actual plan calls for something seen more as a “humble fence”.

Donald Trump lied when he said he would get a Special Prosecutor to go after Hillary Clinton. As of right now, he has no plans to go after Clinton.

Donald Trump lied when he said he would ban Muslims from entering the United States. In fact, his policies are still in flux on it, and have changed many times. Currently, an idea for a registry is taking precedent over a “ban”. The registry is likely to fail like George W. Bush’s Post 9/11 Muslim Registry didYikes either way though.

Donald Trump lied when he said he would drain the swamp. He has only and exclusively surrounded himself with establishment Republicans, big money donors, and an above-average amount of white men.

Donald Trump lied when he said he would hire “the best people”. He just chose Betsy Devos to be his Secretary of Education. A woman with no education degree, who has never been a teacher or worked in a public school, and who did not go to public schools or universities and does not send her kids to them. Oh but she’s a big time donor, so fuck it right? Who needs education? Oh and she married into a big pyramid scheme family too. Cool, right?

Trump lied when he said he would learn things. Actually, he’s choosing not to by skipping almost every single security briefing so far.

Oh and not racist? He hired Bannon, an outed white nationalist, and Jeff Sessions, a guy deemed too racist to be a Federal Judge decades ago.

What Matters and What Doesn’t

Everyone who said it didn’t matter who you voted for: You were the most duped of all. Even if his policies were identical to Clinton’s (they are not), his rhetoric alone should have been enough to not vote for him. Trump’s words DO matter. Even if he does nothing wrong, he inspires racists, sexists, and the anti-LGBTQ to be aggressive and to hurt people and to destroy things. And he has inspired them. In big numbers. Bigly.

Furthermore, this election was not about Donald Trump and his “policies” at all. This election was about Hillary Clinton. And that’s why Trump supporters aren’t going to care about any of his policies. Trump supporters beat Hillary Clinton. They were victorious. They won, and now the war is over and they are going home. To them, nothing from here on is their responsibility. Now, it’s up to the Democrats to learn from that and to grow their party. They will not do that if they can not find any blame in Hillary Clinton.


Ryan Black is a content creator, marketing professional, and political consultant who writes about Progressive Politics.

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