How Trump & Clinton Campaigns Should Respond to Clinton's Pneumonia

How Trump and Clinton Campaigns Should Respond to Clinton’s Pneumonia

Hillary Clinton has pneumonia. Aside from wishing her well and hoping for her speedy recovery, I immediately think of how her’s and Donald Trump’s campaigns s should frame their messaging around the topic. After a few brief moments of thinking bout it, this is what I’m thinking:

oh and it doesn’t matter what you believe to be true or not. This is about framing the message. Control the message, control the truth. gross, right?

Hillary Clinton’s Pneumonia Response:

Hillary Clinton should say, “I shake hundreds of hands, and I’m around thousands of people from all over the country everyday. Campaigns are hard work on the body. As we all know, my opponent doesn’t have to worry about common illnesses from atop his tower. I think people will understand that I have to take a few days off from the campaign. We’ve all been here.”

Her messaging should be centered around the fact that she’s interacted with so many Americans, she was bound to get sick eventually. And with a common illness nonetheless. She should continue to fight Trump by pointing out how little interaction he currently has (and has ever had) with normal working people; from atop his tower. She should just know that normal people get sick sometimes.

Donald Trump’s Response:

Donald Trump should say, “I wish Secretary Clinton well, and I Send her my regards. I heard the chatter about her having a cough, but this is much more serious. This isn’t something to joke about and I’ll only wish her well, and I’d like not to have to comment on my opponent’s health anymore – not until we know what is going on. But the people around her, the Party. The campaign. Again they lied to protect her – They lied, they told us she was fine. It’s true. And she clearly needs our prayers right now, so why lie?”

Donald Trump should immediately send his condolences and wish her well. He should demand he not be asked anymore questions about it until there is more information. He should send prayers and strongly want to know what’s going on. In the meantime, he should blast the party for lying about something so serious. He should begin asking, “What won’t Democrats Lie about?”

So, What?

Both are strong messages, but I think Hillary will ride this out fine no matter the messaging from either side. Though I do think this will give Trump a bump. Will it last? That might depend on how long the pneumonia lasts. Get well soon HRC, and let’s hope she hasn’t been poisoned.

Here’s the video of her “fainting”. I don’t know if she’s fainting, but she’s certainly doing something.

Ryan Black is a documentary filmmaker, political consultant, and digital media professional who writes about Progressive Politics.

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