Trump Lies About Tech Giants and Democrats

For a normal President, it would be difficult to pull off the amount of misinformation Trump dumps into this Tweet about tech giants and Democrats. At least without major pushback from journalists. But we live in weird times now. And, having watched the idiot-in-chief for coming up on four years, I shouldn’t have been surprised. And This Tweet shouldn’t have made me as frustrated as it did. But look at it!

Tweets like these are proof positive that Donald Trump can and will lie about anything whenever he feels like it and absolutely none of his followers will care. I mean, we knew he was a cult leader, but this is becoming really scary.

Where do we even start?

“…corrupt Media…”

Trump starts with an accidental truth. But not truthful in the way Trump is intending. Of course the media giants – due to their capitalist and consumerism and ratings biases – are corrupt. They cater to big business and the military industrial complex and work in tandem to prop up a corporatist establishment. Fox and MSNBC and CNN. All of them are guilty.

But here, Trump is implying the “corrupt media” is corrupt because of their support for Democrats (and probably implying an anti-semitic narrative that would make Stephen Miller blush). Which is ridiculous. A brief look at the last 20 years will reveal the truth.

Remember the Iraq war and how any journalists who opposed it were fired? How about the Dixie Chicks having their careers destroyed? Remember Cenk Uygur “leaving” MSNBC? Or maybe the miniscule amount of time climate change is mentioned in the news media? Perhaps Trump should look at the media time Bernie Sanders received in 2016 compared to himself and Hillary.

What’s clear is that the media isn’t on the side of the Democrats. They are on the side of an establishment class that relies on the status quo to maintain profitability. That’s why TYT and other Progressive news outlets exist.

Which leads us to our next point.

“…sooo on the side of the Radical Left…”

First off, why does he write like this? Nevermind, I know the answer.

It would be weird for tech giants and Democrats to be best buds, especially since Elizabeth Warren is literally trying to break them up. How can he not think about the situation for 10 seconds?

Look – only one side of the political spectrum is actively working to destroy the monopolies of companies like Facebook and Apple and Google.
That’s the Left. Only one side has a history of actually breaking up industry monopolies. Also the Left. There was an entire time period called the Progressive Era specifically named so because of these successes.

My god, someone teach this man how to use Google or at least take Twitter away from him.

“We will win anyways”

This is my favorite part of the Tweet. He’s set up an imaginary problem created by imaginary bogeymen that he is actually not worried about because he “will win anyways”.

Is Trump implying that these tech companies are actively working against him? That would be weird seeing how his reelection campaign has already spent $5.6 million dollars on Facebook and Google ads, $5 million more than the next closest candidate.

Trump is lying and he knows it. His team knows it because they clearly don’t think Facebook or Google are simply flushing all that money down the toilet.

Trump ad spending tech giants and democrats
Trump’s digital ad spending

Tech Giants and Democrats are not in Cahoots

This Tweet is so interwoven with nonsense, it appears almost artistic and perhaps purposeful. So much so that it’s hard to believe it came from a non-thinking person like Donald Trump. Only a person as dumb as Trump could mash together so much misinformation and as many false narratives into a single Tweet. And he didn’t even hit the character limit!

Ryan Black is a content creator, marketing professional, and political consultant who writes about Progressive Politics.