Roy Moore Has a Despicable View of Immigration Enforcement, wants to “Fill the void” Left by Jeff Sessions

Roy Moore Has a Despicable View of Immigration Enforcement, wants to “Fill the void” Left by Jeff Sessions

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Twice-former Chief Justice of the Alabama State Supreme Court Roy Moore is running for Senate and seems likely to win.  Moore had served as Alabama’s Chief Justice in the early 2000s before being removed for violating a federal judge’s court orders; Alabamans reelected him to the post some 15 years later, only to see him again leave office (this time resigning to run for Senate) after facing discipline for his refusal to enforce the United State Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges that legalized same-sex marriage.  Despite these derelictions of duty, Alabamans want Moore in the Senate so he can continue his affronts to society by militarizing immigration enforcement and ending all protections for dreamers.

Moore favors heavy-handed immigration enforcement and a complete crackdown on those in the country illegally. The Breitbart-favored candidate has tied himself directly to Jeff Sessions’ hostile immigration rhetoric, promising, in an interview with the aforementioned far-right platform, “to fill the void Sessions left behind on the key issues [including] immigration.”  To the candidate, this means flexing the muscles of the federal government despite his supposed commitment to local rule and small-government conservatism.

Militarizing Immigration Enforcement

He believes in militarizing immigration enforcement to achieve a strict immigration crackdown.  Moore told Breitbart “I think we could use the military” to secure the border and enforce immigration law, a position echoed in his campaign website– Moore does not shy away from creating a militarized border with weapons trained on those potentially entering the country; nor, seemingly, does he take issue with the military supporting ICE in deporting the undocumented.  Doing so would obviously create a militarized deportation force that would trample on civil rights through routine violations of the Fourth Amendment.

And all would be susceptible to his militarized deportation gang.  Roy Moore celebrated Donald Trump ending DACA, a program which allowed those brought into the country as children to work and attend school without threat of deportation, protecting some 800,000 individuals with a 91 percent employment rate and without whom the economy would take a nearly $500 billion hit.  But Moore views it differently, saying that children brought into the country through no will or desire or malice of their own “are not dreamers” but “law breakers.”  No doubt Roy Moore wants these individuals to be deported and, as already mentioned, he’s willing to use the military to raid their homes, schools, or workplaces to do so.

Resist Roy Moore

Alabama is about to elect a lawless bigot whose malevolence far exceeds those he wants to deport.  Roy Moore’s “American Dream” consists of disobeying laws that counter his puritanical moral code, creating a militarized deportation force that ignores the Bill of Rights, and instigating a long-lasting nightmare for 800,000 individuals who call this great country of ours home.  We must resist Roy Moore and the agenda he promotes.


Thomas Hudson is a writer for Progressives for Prosperity, an online organization dedicated to promoting liberal principles.  Follow them on Twitter @ProgressOutlook

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