Michael Moore, Cenk Uygur & Bill Maher: How Progressives Move Forward in 2016

Michael Moore, Cenk Uygur & Bill Maher: How Progressives Move Forward in 2016

With change comes opportunity. And right now is an opportune time for Progressives to seize power in the Democratic Party. Michael Moore, Cenk Uygur and Bill Maher have all recently laid out their personal advice for Progressives and the Democratic Party moving forward. Combined, I think they constitute a robust strategy for the next two years.

Michael Moore


Michael Moore starts with the most important battle: Progressives must take over the Democratic Party. It stuns me to see MSM news outlets pondering a Tim Kaine run in 2020. Sorry establishment, it’s not going to happen. Moore then calls for pundits and pollsters to be ousted. This, I only agree with in part. While Pundits should be fired and removed from any and all payrolls, pollsters can improve their craft. New methodologies can be created, and data can become more reliable. I think we can give them another shot using computers from 2018.

Next, he calls for constant obstruction of Republicans – a precedent set by the Republicans themselves. I believe this is important, but could also create heavy blow-back. A frozen congress would be better than one with a right-wing agenda, and could be a reason for Republicans grabbing more power in 2018. Not to mention, Trump’s reelection opportunity in 2020.

I agree entirely with Moore that Democrats and Progressives need to stop saying they are “shocked”. It makes you look out of touch, smug, and egotistical. Those traits are bad. So stop it.

His final bit of advice is rhetorical gold. “Clinton won the popular vote” is the retort Democrats and Progressives should give anytime Republicans mention a mandate, try to over-leverage their power, are dismissive, or are generally dicks in any way. It is a reminder that the people were by a couple-hundred-thousand votes, not on Trump’s side (Even though I think they actually were if we had 100% turnout).

Cenk Uygur


Cenk Uygur suggested a “New Plan for the Democratic Party” that is absolutely perfect. It is an expansion of Moore’s first step, “Take over the Democratic Party”.

He starts by spitting fire: Fire everyone! I say they start with Donna Brazille. Well, “everyone” might be an overstatement, but everyone that helped rig the primary and everyone that makes important decisions should be gone. I don’t think the graphic designers should be fired. I don’t think organizers should be fired. That would be crazy. The decision makers on the other hand have got to go.

Uygur then suggests Bernie Sanders be given control over the DNC. Recently however, Sanders endorsed Progressive Caucus Leader Keith Ellison to head the Party. Since then, he has received many other endorsements, and looks to be winning the popularity contest against the only other candidate and progressive-turned-establishment-shill Howard “Byaaaa” Dean. If Ellison is selected to lead the DNC, that would be a huge step for progressives and the Democratic Party.

The next two steps are key if the Democratic Party is to survive any longer. Getting money out of politics must be the center-stone of the Democratic Party. Creating free and fair elections void of the corruption that comes standard with Super PACs is an attractive offer to people of all demographics. It must be an integral part of the Democratic Platform, and the Democrats must lead by example and only support candidates who refuse to accept corporate cash, while actively working against money in politics.

His final step is actually a solution. Once the money is out of politics, politicians will be free to actually represent their constituencies. That is key to a progressive and populist Democratic Party, and is key to Democracy in America.

That is the real way to drain the swamp.

Bill Maher

Bill didn’t have a slick full-screen graphic, and he was only giving half-hearted advice, but his tips are still valid.

Dear Democrats,

1. Don’t listen to polls.
2. Don’t nominate someone who can’t do rallies.
3. Nominate someone who can talk to white people.
4. Don’t tell Americans they aren’t stupid.
5. Racism sells itself.
6. Russians will fuck with you.
7. Ageism did not serve you well. Biden should have been in the race.
8. Stop being nice.

Though I think these are tips that should be well-taken, I find #7 to be the most interesting.

Ageism was an issue early on in the primaries, but ceased once the general election started. In 2020, I predict it will be a hot-button issue. Elizabeth Warren will be 71, and Bernie Sanders will be 79. That’s super old. But he’s also super healthy. I imagine the establishment will try to push Cory Booker, who will only be 51 in four years. Because of that huge difference, I imagine ageism playing a big role in 2020.

What do you think of these tips for Progressives and Democrats? Let me know in the comments below.

Ryan Black is a content creator, marketing professional, and political consultant who writes about Progressive Politics.

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