Elizabeth Warren Doesn't Give a Shit. And That's a Good Thing.

Elizabeth Warren Doesn’t Give a Shit. And That’s a Good Thing for Progressives.

Elizabeth warren (D-MA) took a lot of heat from progressives in the 2016 Democratic Primary. It was hoped she would endorse Bernie Sanders, but she didn’t. Warren remained neutral in the primary, and formally endorsed Clinton only after the nomination was clinched.  Her endorsement came on the same day as President Obama’s.

Despite the frustration Warren caused, her choices since have proven she is not in the bag for the establishment. This is why Elizabeth Warren doesn’t give a shit, and that’s actually a really good thing for Progressives.

A Powerful Senator

Elizabeth Warren is in a safe seat, with strong support from all sides of the Democratic Party. By not choosing a side in the primary, she opted out of alienating any side of the party. Warren needs the establishment side of the Party to maintain her seat and her power. She needs the Progressive side to maintain her legitimacy and support. By not giving a shit during the primary, she keeps both, and will keep pushing her progressive agenda. That’s good for progressives.

She’s not in Campaign Mode

Elizabeth Warren is not just campaigning with Hillary. She is working, right now, to further a progressive agenda. Soon, her steadfast approach to regulating the banking industry will again outshine anything she did during this election cycle. Cenk Uygur over at The Younk Turks beautifully sums up Elizabeth Warren’s recent grilling of the DOJ and FBI Director James Comey.

 “Everyone is obsessed with the elections. Elizabeth Warren is quietly working in the senate. Now you wanna know why some progressives who follow the news believe in Elizabeth Warren? It’s because stories like this. You can get obsessed with the elections and who did what and all that drama, but once you peel that back, you have reality, and the hard-work that goes into actually fighting for a progressive agenda.”

In the letter, Warren asks why the DOJ ignored the FCIC’s recommendations to prosecute individuals for the 2008 Financial Crisis. She notes how the DOJ has not released any information on the decision. She then pivots to Hillary Clinton’s recent investigation by the FBI where Comey claimed, “The American people deserve those details in a case of intense public interest.”

Elizabeth Warren then moves into full don’t give a shit mode by referencing Hillary’s email investigation; a move likely to frustrate some establishment types:

“If Secretary Clinton’s email server was of sufficient ‘interest’ to establish a new FBI standard of transparency, then surely the criminal prosecution of those responsible for the 2008 financial crisis should be subject to the same level of transparency.”

In this gem, Warren used excellent messaging while pushing a fair and progressive cause. A+

Warren’s Legacy is Undeniable

As she continues to propose policies that align with progressive values, and finds success, she is solidifying an unquestionable legacy. And with legacy comes power. Ted Kennedy wielded immense power in the Senate because of his steadfast legacy within the Democratic Party. Warren is building a legacy today that will help progressives wield power in the future. While pundits argue over minor issues, Warren continues to build a solid foundation for Progressives (I’d argue that she built the foundation that Bernie was able to leap from). Progressives should rejoice at this.

Warren Knows Trump is Worse

From a political standpoint, it will be difficult for anyone to frame Warren as “establishment” simply for working with Clinton. Though you may hear rumblings in ultra-progressive circles that Warren sold-out, Trump will likely be looked back upon as either the we almost elected a maniac guy, or the we elected a maniac guy.

Warren knows that politics is a marathon, and siding with Hillary will be a minuscule, likely invisible dent in her otherwise extremely progressive suit of armor. Warren is smart to not give a shit about what some progressives are saying online. Hillary isn’t perfect, but Trump is way worse. As progressives, at no point do we look back on history and say, “Yep. Should have went with the racist”. Warren knows that, so she doesn’t give a shit if you’re mad at her.




Ryan Black is a documentary filmmaker, political consultant, and digital media professional who writes about Progressive Politics.

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