Justice Democrats: Progressives Boarding Ship of Democratic Party

Justice Democrats: Progressives Boarding Ship of Democratic Party

Not too long ago, I wrote that Progressives need to start acting like pirates. I argued that with strong rhetoric and direct actions, Progressives can upend the liberal establishment and take control of a weak and feckless Democratic Party.

On Monday, my hopes began materializing. During a TYT Live segment, Cenk Uygur announced the formation of a new progressive wing of the Democratic Party. The group, Justice Democrats, is designed to locate, fund and support progressive candidates to challenge corporate Democrats in the 2018 midterm elections. The group is headed by Uygur, several Sanders campaign veterans, Kyle Klusinski and others. In the below video, Uygur echoes my exact sentiments (and exact words) in my ‘pirate’ article, saying, “We’re boarding the ship of the Democratic Party”.

You’re damn right we are.

How Weak are Establishment Democrats?

Establishment Democrats are extremely, tremendously and hugely weak. And it doesn’t look like Trump is changing that.

Recently, Cory Booker and a group of Clinton Democrats sided against Bernie Sanders and his Pharma bill that would have allowed US citizens to purchase drugs from Canada. Why did they do this? Like I stated in my post last week, each and every one of them accepts contributions from the pharmaceutical industry. This punch in the gut to Progressives comes right after Trump takes office. Exactly when progressives need to look strong.

Then, Elizabeth Warren announces she will vote in favor of confirming Ben Carson as HUD Secretary for basically no reason. His answers to her very pointed and tough questions were far from acceptable. He couldn’t say “I will not give Trump’s businesses government contracts. I will not enrich President Trump”. Carson has zero experience and already stated on the record that he wouldn’t know how to run a government agency. Senator Warren has done great work in the past, but this is yet another weak move by Democrats (though to her credit, he might be less crazy than almost every other Trump cabinet pick).

Most symbolic of the weakness of the establishment was seen in the differences in how Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton handled the #WomensMarch. Hillary sent a heartfelt tweet while Bernie actually showed up. The symbolism couldn’t be more clear for progressives.

How Strong are Justice Democrats?

If you ask Cenk, he’ll give you a simple answer: “TOO STRONG”.

TYT just raised over a million dollars and hired 2 new journalism teams, including Sean King, the standard bearer for truth and insight in the 2016 election cycle – especially on race and social justice issues.

Joining Cenk and the TYT Army is the massively underrated host of Secular Talk Kyle Kulsinski. He and Cenk recently co-penned an article about the Justice Democrats Platform. It is excellent and can be read HERE.

Other Justice Democrat Board Members include former Bernie Sanders Alums, who did an excellent job converting a 74 year old white Jewish man registering at less than 1% in the polls, to a heroic figure to Millennials and young people and achieving nearly 50% of the vote total in a massively rigged Primary.

Who else is on the team? Hopefully you.

How do we get involved?

The coolest thing about the Justice Democrats so far, is their idea of finding neighborhood and community leaders, and running them against corporate Democrats. You can get on their website right now and actually suggest a nominee.

And you can be one. Or you dad. or your mom, or your sister, or your church leader, or a teacher or professor, or a cop you love, or a librarian, or the guy down the street.

That is the point. Hopefully it is the future of the Democratic Party.

Ryan Black is a content creator, marketing professional, and political consultant who writes about Progressive Politics.

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