Clinton Email Messaging is Garbage

Clinton Email Messaging is Garbage

Hillary’s latest fundraising email is pretty much a Bernie email. Here’s the body of the email – I’ll highlight the garbage she shouldn’t be saying to a base that isn’t all that excited for her to be the nominee:

First: We’re down in almost every poll in Wisconsintomorrow’s primary is going to be a tough fight.

Second: The Sanders campaign raised over $43 million in March — making that the third month in a row they’ve outraised us.

This nomination isn’t locked up yet, and we’ve got to keep fighting for every vote if we want to see Hillary Clinton in the White House.

If you have Hillary’s back before Wisconsin and the next round of critical contests, chip in right now and we’ll send you a free sticker:

Why is this bad?

I am at a complete loss for why the Clinton Campaign thinks it’s a good idea to spread the message that Bernie is doing so well. If they think running away from the inevitability narrative is the right thing to do, they’re playing directly into the Bernie Sanders Campaign’s hands. He’s been trying for months to convince Democrats that they had a choice in the primary, and now she’s pushing the same message. While I appreciate her honesty on the numbers, a personal story or inspiring message would serve her better in getting out the vote.

Ryan Black is a documentary filmmaker, political consultant, and digital media professional who writes about Progressive Politics.

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