How To Block Donald Trump AdSense Ads on Your Blog

How To Block Donald Trump AdSense Ads on Your Blog

This isn’t my usual kind of post, but I thought it would be helpful to anyone running Google AdSense ads on their website or blog. It turns out blocking specific advertisers is really easy.

Blocking Trump Ads: The Simple Steps

I first noticed the Trump ads a week or so ago. I immediately decided they had to go. I wasn’t sure how to go about blocking certain ads, but it turns out it’s actually pretty easy.

prevent block trump ads image

Navigate to your AdSense dashboard.

adsense url

Click on “Allow and Block ads”.

block trump ads menu adsense

Click “Advertisers URLs”

adsense block ad menu

Add these URLS:

adsense block trump ads

If more pop up, right-click on each ad and get the URL that each ad leads to. Add those URLs to the list above. So that’s it. Pretty easy right? Now go make your blog great again and get rid of the Trump ads!

Ryan Black is a content creator, marketing professional, and political consultant who writes about Progressive Politics.


    • The First Amendment protects unfettered expression as much as it protects against compulsory expression. A government agency or an FCC-licensed broadcast entity may not lawfully pick and choose, but for private citizens we have the First Amendment right to refuse to allow our free speech forum (in this instance, our personal blogs) to disseminate speech with which we do not agree. While I’d agree that it is a form of censorship, it is both permissible and true to the Libertarian ideals of the Enlightenment thinkers which informed the drafting of our Constitution.

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