7 Predictions for President Trump in 2017

7 Predictions for President Trump in 2017

2017 is off to a rocky political start so far. In response to the gigantic #Womensmarch, Trump banned Muslims from entering the country. Yikes. Suddenly my predictions don’t seem so far fetched. Here are 7 mostly unsubstantiated predictions for President Trump in 2017.

Deepen ties with Russia and Putin

This one is easy. The first of the predictions for President Trump in 2017 is that The United States will strengthen ties with Russia. Putin and Trump have a strong bromance, and I foresee Trump strengthening that friendship.

End Obamacare, even if in name only

It’s no secret, Republicans have a majority in the House and Senate and Obamacare is in their cross-hairs. Safe bet says the Affordable Care Act is gone for good. But the replacement might be a remarkably similar plan under a different name: TrumpCare.

Fire high-ranking members of his cabinet

Someone’s getting fired. Since I started writing this piece, he’s already fired the acting Attorney General. The third of my predictions for President Trump is that someone much bigger will go down before long.

Have a high-ranking cabinet member quit

In addition to someone getting fired, someone is going to quit. Maybe it will be disguised in a retirement, or family issue, but I predict a high ranking official walking out in the first year.

Foreign Policy Disaster Via Twitter

It might not be a war, but there will be some sort of foreign policy nightmare because of Trump’s use of Twitter.  I think everyone can pretty much imagine that.

Make a Nuclear Threat

With so much power at his finger tips, you know he has to at least think about it sometimes. Hopefully it doesn’t happen on Twitter for the world to see, but I imagine we’ll hear reports of him casually mentioning nukes while in talks with world leaders.

Break records for television appearances

The numbers will be huge. Bigly. Especially in the first year while he still cares about what people think. I predict Trump will break all records for presidential television and media appearances. If he wins a second term, I imagine he’d get a weekly tv show.


Ryan Black is a content creator, marketing professional, and political consultant who writes about Progressive Politics.

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