4 Progressive Opinions in Must-See Russia Debate

4 Progressive Opinions in Must-See Russia Debate

I hope you saw the amazing Russia debate that took place on The Young Turks a few nights ago. In the back and forth, Nomiki Konst and Michael Tracey butt heads on if Putin is influencing Trump. Cenk Uygur and Jordan Chariton chip in as well. Watch the exchange in the video below:

There’s a lot to take in in the over-sixteen-minute Russia debate clip. To save you some time, here are the general points each panelist makes:

Nomiki Konst

Is Russia influencing Donald Trump? “You’re blind if you don’t see that” says Konst. But she also thinks the Democrats need to talk about other things. That doesn’t mean they have to be blind to Putin though. Additionally, Konst believes Russia wants China to be seen as an enemy, which is a message Trump pushes. She also believes Russia targeted people with fake news, but that conflating the Democratic Party’s handling of the issue and foreign policy stances is unfair. Towards the end of the video, Konst lists numerous Trump advisers and cabinet members who have connections to Russian oligarchs.

Michael Tracey

Michael Tracey believes the Democrats are creating an “utterly deranged climate” about Russia. He claims that Trump will now be forced to be antagonistic towards Russia if an altercation or provocation were to occur. Tracey believes the Democrats have concocted the idea that any deal with a Russian is nefarious. He also makes a very good point that “the Russians” is becoming a derogatory term to represent an entire country’s people. Tracey also reasons that Russia is a complicated nexus state with countervailing and conflicting goals, much like the United States.

Cenk Uygur

Cenk thinks Trump has a tangible deal with Putin and because of that, would not retaliate if Russian troops provoked American forces. Uygur also believes that business deals with Russia are uniquely nefarious because they did in fact help swing the election in Trump’s favor. “Everything swung the election,” he adds. Of course the Democrats and Hillary blew it. But that doesn’t mean Russia didn’t also help swing the election. Just like everything did.

Cenk’s most interesting point was when he disagreed with Tracey on Russia’s nexus-like state. Cenk claims, “Putin removed them all,” referring to countervailing forces in the government. Later, he makes an important point for Progressives. He says that tackling problems is hard for Democrats because they have the same donors as the Republicans and don’t want to address deeper issues like campaign finance reform. Spot on Cenk.

Jordan Chariton

Sadly, Jordan doesn’t speak much in the conversation. He believes that there are deals with Russia that Trump is possibly trying to cover up. He also agrees that Trump’s cabinet choices are clearly influenced by Russia. Chariton travels the country and says he sees misery, corruption, and injustice everywhere, yet Democrats send emails every night about Russia. He also makes the crucial point that the supposed party of the left doesn’t focus on real issues. Most importantly, that’s why Hillary and the Democrats lost. hint: he’s absolutely right.

Independent Media is the Future

The best part of this debate is that there’s no other place to see anything like it. You won’t find four differing progressive opinions on cable news. Nor on the radio or in the newspaper. The Young Turks proves once again that independent media is simply better at news than the corporate media. They’be better at providing public debate, better at telling the truth, better at non-partisanship and better at knowing what real people think. It doesn’t matter what independent news source you like, it’s conversations like these that make them all special.

Ryan Black is a content creator, marketing professional, and political consultant who writes about Progressive Politics.

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